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Polynote is a simple, collaborative note-taking app

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Good notes helps remember what's been said and done, and what needs to be done. But in calls and meetings, words and ideas are too often missed out. Polynote makes writing things down easy, fast and collaborative.


Intuitive and fast

Polynote is a Web application designed for speed and simplicity: creating, organizing and publishing notes take seconds and feels natural. Every change you make is saved automatically.

Instant collaboration

You can invite anyone to collaborate. Just type the email addresses of your friends or coworkers to send them private links and start working on the note together in real-time.

Markdown support

Polynote uses Markdown to add formating to your notes. Our editor provides syntax highlighting, keyboard shortcuts and an easy to use toolbar. If you're not familiar with Markdown, it takes a few minutes to learn and is becoming widely available.

Search and tags

Use tags to organize your notes. Search through them as well as through the content of your notes.


You can organize your notes into notebooks to manage multiple projects easily. Invite other members to collaborate on a notebook.


Share many notebooks as a team using organizations.


You can publish a note as an Web page in one click available through a link which your can send to anyone. Your Markdown content will be transformed to HTML.

Navigation mode

To quickly read or browse your notes, switch to navigation mode. The editor gets out of your way so you can skim your notes and quickly navigate through notebooks.


To stay focus on your writings, open your notes in full-screen mode. This puts the content of your note in focus and keep unnecessary tools in the background.

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